Print Management
Our free consultation for Print Management Solutions works methodically and efficiently:
  1. Using our software, we begin by assessing your current printing needs, machines, contracts, and buying practices.
  2. We then take inventory of office machines in use. This includes printers, copiers, fax, and multi-function machines.
  3. With the gathered information, we study the workflow and demands for all of your printing devices.
  4. We will thereafter work out a step by step solution which can be implemented in phases or in totality, depending on your comfort level.
The major advantages of choosing us for your print management needs are enumerated below:
  1. Printer Visibility and Productivity Improvements

    Establishing a more efficient workflow and streamlining device management improves access across your work environment.
  2. Cost Control and Recovery

    By accurately tracking your printer usage and eliminating wasteful printing, you will be able to control costs and save money.
  3. Enhance Business Security

    Rasix print management gives you the power to prevent unauthorized device access and helps to safeguard any confidential or proprietary information as well as helping to protect network breaches.
  4. Simplify Document Capture and Distribution

    We employ in house, high quality color capabilities, automatic document routing, easy paper to electronic processes, and robust archiving functionality.
Eco-Conscious Printing Practices:
Using print management solutions, current and prospective clients are able to lower energy consumption, reduce print related wastage, and promote more resource-conservative employee behavior
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Print Management