Contract Management
Contracting with Office 2000 can help you create customized business solutions to increase efficiency while keeping costs low.

Our website features ordering and accounting systems that are specially designed to save time, sharpen accuracy, and provide the information required to make prudent long and short term ordering decisions.

Office 2000’s ordering system gives supervisors the final word in order processing by implementing a tiered authorization program. Managers can receive final review of every order, without having the burden of order entry and processing.

In addition to quick order entry and final review, Office 2000 customers can set up orders on a recurring time period, as well as scheduled delivery for a future date, allowing proper stock maintenance and the elimination of wastage.

Although contracting with us has a great many benefits, the strongest feature of our program is the detailed and accurate reporting we provide on demand. We can furnish reports based on quantities purchased, dollar value, calendar periods, ship-to address, and a whole host of other criteria. Our goal is to guarantee that customers never lack the tools to maximize their value through purchasing decisions.

Choosing Office 2000 is beneficial outside of our advantages in cost, service, and efficiency. With distribution all across the U.S., turn around time on orders averages 2 days, from receipt of the order to delivery. We take pride in our ability to assist our customers to the greatest possible degree.
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Contract Management